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Friday, June 16, 2006



Redesigned Master Bath

I showed Jim my redesign of the master bathroom yesterday. I think he liked it. There is only one problem. He has already built the walls for the original master bathroom (picture here). This is the original floor plan. The part in question is on the left.

After Jim had built the walls, someone commented to us, "Won't your clothes get moldy or mildewed with the walk-in-closet in the bathroom?" We had just gone through cleaning everything in our mold-covered closet in the trailer a few weeks before, so that comment really sunk in with full effect, which is what prompted me to find a solution.

Here's what I came up with. Mind you, it's rough--our design program hasn't been reinstalled after the hard drive died because we didn't yet need it, so I stuck with good ol' graph paper.

I took the walk-in closet and made it a pass-through from the bedroom to the office, a feature I really wanted to retain, and placed pull-out drawers on the wall that has the stairwell on the back side--trying to use what otherwise would be wasted space. I like this design much better also for lighting. With the previous design, the shower area received no outside light. With this design, the entire bathroom does.

That little half bathroom on the right makes me a bit nervous still. Here we have a 3,500 square foot home, and this tiny bathroom. I just hope it will work. I'd make it bigger, but then it would misalign the walls. And maybe Jim will decide to make it different anyway once he puts up actual walls.

The joys of house designing. But we can talk about that tomorrow. :)

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