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Thursday, October 06, 2005



X-rays & Results

Monday morning the dental receptionist called back. Yes. If my OB office faxed them a release letter to do eight x-rays, they would do the work.

Yipee! I did a mental snoopy dance and had my OB send out the letter that afternoon. My previously scheduled appointments turned out to be needed after all. Good thing I hadn't cancelled them.

The following Monday (two actual Mondays ago and the day after Dale put $300 worth of parts in our car at his expense), I went to my appointment. As instructed, the technician covered by belly with two lead coats and then began the x-rays. On the fourth x-ray--of my front top teeth which had no problems--I stopped her. Each x-ray deducted money from that $470 cap, some of which had already been spent on a cleaning three weeks before. Could she only x-ray the trouble teeth so I'd have enough money to fix them?

She left the room to talk to the dentist. Five minutes later she returned. "No. We have to do the basic x-rays."

Like before, I just couldn't understand why this was necessary. I explained to her the financial situation and that I couldn't afford to use extra money on x-rays I didn't need right then. She went back in to Dr. Haawash and came back with the same response. This time I asked to talk directly to him. Perhaps he didn't understand what I was saying or it wasn't being relayed correctly. Maybe he could help me "get" what I was missing in his insistance to x-ray okay teeth.

About ten minutes later he finally came in and began to explain the same thing everyone else had--that in order to get an accurate assessment of my mouth to determine what needed to be fixed first, he had to do basic x-rays. " could have serious cavity in your teeth about to affect the nerve, yet not know it because you don't feel anything."

Okay. That made sense. Somewhat. "But here's the problem," I said and explained to him the situation, this time including the over expenditures already slated for wisdom teeth removal during a time we'd be on unemployment, which was why I was so concerned about getting my teeth taken care of while I had the minimal coverage I had.

He paused, looking thoughtful for a minute. Then he responded. "Well, I don't care about money, and I don't care about insurance."

I wasn't sure what he was getting at, but it didn't sound very good.

"What's most important is that you get good dental care," he continued. "So I'm going to take the x-rays. I won't charge you for them."

My mouth about dropped to the floor. Up until this point he had been completely resistant to working with me. Could I be hearing right?


"Yes," he said and told his questioning assistant to put no charge next to each x-ray listed on my chart.

"Thank you," I said, feeling the two words were severely inadequate.

I guessed Jim had his share of being humbled the day before by the new brakes Dale put in the Jetta, and now it was my turn. I mean, what do you say to that? How can you repay when you can't repay? Should you even? I think sometimes God puts us in positions where we cannot repay simply so we will learn to be humbled in receiving. Either that, we hang onto pride and refuse to accept such gifts which needlessly harms us and the giver.

My x-rays came back about ten minutes after they were all done, and you know what? According to them and Dr. Haawash's physical exam, he said he couldn't see cavity in the two places I was most concerned about and that the other ones (minus the wisdom teeth) were superficial, one only in the outer enamel. And the rest of my teeth were perfectly fine.

I guess my hygiene wasn't all for nothing after all. Praise God, there's hope yet for my mouth! And praise God for working in our lives with these financial provisions. We may be at a stand still with our house building because we've run out of funds, but God isn't ignoring the situation. When the time is right, He'll make the way for us to get the money and/or materials we need when we need them. It's good to know He hasn't forgotten about us.

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At 7:13 PM , Blogger I am a Milliner's Dream, a woman of many "hats"... said...

What a nice dentist--and a GREAT God!



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