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Friday, July 01, 2005



News & To Dos


1/20/09 We had a successful roofing season this past year and are gearing up for going solo from a partnership as Brandy's dad retires. Brandy's remaining thyroid lobe continues to hold it's own in thyroid hormone production and medicine is not needed. The mobile home continues to sustain us and we've learned how to reduce our stuff to make it more comfortable. This coming roofing season will determine when we can resume house construction.

4/7/08 The roofing off-season is coming to a close and work will resume soon. Brandy returned from the Mount Hermon Christian Writer's Conference mid-March with new writing direction, and her remaining thyroid is still in the normal production range sans medicine. Prospect for picking work up again on the house is excellent. More to follow in this in regular blog posts. New spring blog colors are here.

2/5/08 Brandy's stitches come out this afternoon and she gets the results of the tumor: benign or cancer. Roads are melting after an ice storm last night. The Building Brow's driveway/road is a slushy mess.

2/1/08 The new blog design is live!

2/1/08 Brandy is recovering from thyroid surgery and awaiting a pathology report. Please ask God for a good outcome. An extended family member recently suffered severe liver damage from an unknown source. He's home but his prognosis is uncertain. Please pray for healing.

Winter Jim is in the roofing off-season and Brandy is writing and submitting her work for publication while running Christian Writers' Group International (CWGI).

Construction To Do List
  • Complete electrical wiring and insulation on Jim's workshop(1/20/09)
  • Build workshop stairs(1/20/09)
  • Move all roofing office items into new workshop once completed(1/20/09)
  • Run electrical wiring (1/27/08)
  • Purchase wiring (1/27/08)
  • Install siding (1/27/08)
  • Install doors (1/27/08)
  • Purchase doors (1/27/08)
  • Install remaining windows (1/27/08)
  • Change placement of master bathroom's framed walls (1/27/08)
  • Build bunk beds in the girl's rooms (1/27/08)
  • Move crib to storage (1/27/08)

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At 9:11 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

The good Lord gave Brandy a tumor, while my grandfather . . . for example . . . lead a glorious, rich and happy life. And was an outspoken non-theist his entire life.


How does that work? Oh well, I'm sure the Good Loving Lord made sure he is being tortured in hell!

He was a good man, giving, loving and sharing. But an atheist, a militant one, therefore clearly his good work for fellow humans is for naught.

He didn't properly flatter and praise the Lord Jesus, therefore he is certainly being PUNISHED! Praise! Glory Be!


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